Thank you Mother Nature, we are happy to announce that our patio and lobby is now open for customers. Here are the following store directions:

Because the place is so small only 1 customer allowed at a time in an area. (1 on patio, 1 waiting at table, 1 in lobby). Workers have breathing issues and will not being wearing masks; if this bothers you, you can pull up to the order area of the patio and pick up in the drive thru or go directly to drive thru. We respect distance and sanitation. We sanitize all surfaces regularly and customer touch items such as the table after each customer. Masks here are an option not a must.

Our $1 flowers and plants are on the patio, the specialties such as roses, lilies, sunflowers, etc... are in the lobby with the gift items.

Thank you for your cooperation and help as we get back to full function. You are all awesome. 

Also please join us July 18th and 19th to Celebrate the Stores 3rd year!!!!!

Vendors and entertainers welcome, but there will only be food and drinks on Saturday. To be a vendor or entertainer please contact Leslie to be put on the schedule. There is no fee for a vendor spot and payment for entertainers just fun and possibly media coverage.

And again masks are an option not a requirement.

Thank you for supporting me, I love you all. 

 You support me when I need it and I will support you now when needed. No need to come in; 

 We have a drive thru and also offer no boundary and no contact delivery to which we will leave the arrangement or bouquet on the doorstep and call the recipient to let them know it is there and send the customer a picture to confirm delivery with time.  All same day deliveries must be called in by 12pm pst and will be delivered by 6pm.  

Open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm. 


Creations are only limited by ones ‚Äčimagination.

1. We can handle your floral needs. We offer a variety of flowers this includes natural, dyed, painted, silk, and plastic.

2. For those in a hurry we have a drive thru for quick pick ups or getting married (Little Vegas).